One of Los Angeles’ most beloved restaurants. “The Manzkes have perfected the template for the all-day modern American restaurant. The place is a perpetual motion machine. The lines trail daily at breakfast; the lunch menu embodies an only-in-Los-Angeles pluralism; dinnertime achieves an elegant, gymnastic leap from casual daytime meals to formal service. It gratifies many palates and persuasions.” – Bill Addison, L.A. Times

Petty Cash, a semi-authentic taqueria, is the collaboration between celebrated Chef Walter Manzke and a myriad of talent drawn from Los Angeles & Baja California.

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Located in Los Angeles’ Grand Central Market, Sari Sari Store is a Filipino concept from James Beard Nominated Chef Margarita Manzke. In Tagalog sari sari translates to ‘whatever’ and is used to describe small stores that sell everything.

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